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Monday, February 2, 2015

National Anthem ASL Performance by Treshelle Edmond at the Super Bowl

"Treshelle Edmond has been selected to bring the beauty of American Sign Language (ASL) to one of the most popular sports and entertainment events of the year – Super Bowl Sunday." National Association of the Deaf

Bree Loggins, a Signing Time Academy Instructor posted the link on our Instructors page to the video provided by I Deaf News. I love how this is total access on their website for Deaf and Hard of Hearing - ASL and Captions. 

Sadly, however, the major networks and film crew did not give equal access of air time to Treshelle's interpretation. Each year, we sit and watch, hoping this is the year ASL performers are included in full for the entire National Anthem along side the vocalists. Maybe next year.....

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