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Monday, June 2, 2014

Nancy Kingsley Wins Community Leadership Award from Hamilton CapTel Relay

As soon as I learned that Hamilton CapTel was taking nominations for this award, I nominated my friend and mentor Nancy Kingsley. I'm pleased to share with you that Nancy is the Pennsylvania recipient of the Hamilton CapTel Relay's Better Hearing & Speech Month Community Leadership Award. 

Nancy has been the "Go-to person" in our community. If there is information we need, or a person to contact for a specific issue, Nancy always has that information at her fingertips. She has been and inspiration and a champion to all of us in the hearing loss community by educating us to know our rights as people with hearing loss and to advocate for our communication needs. She shows us by example how to advocate diplomatically.

Nancy is our local Lancaster Hearing Loss Association of America chapter leader, as well as our Director for  HLAA-PA State Advisory Council.

This weekend, Nancy was in Washington DC graduating from Gallaudet University in the Peer Mentorship Program. We are a stronger community having Nancy lead us as an advocate and a mentor.

Sudan Khan, the Outreach Coordinator for Pennsylvania Captioned Telephone Relay Service explains the award:

The award is Hamilton Relay’s Better Hearing & Speech Month Community Leadership Award. Hamilton seeks nominations for individuals who are hard of hearing, late-deafened, or have speech difficulties and who have demonstrated leadership within the community by helping others to enhance the lives. 

Sudan Khan (left) awards Nancy Kingsley (right) at the Hearing Loss Association of America Lancaster County Chapter meeting in May, 2014.

Learn more about Hamilton CapTel Relay here: http://www.hamiltonrelay.com/index.html

Check out our website: http://www.hlaa-pa.org

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