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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Registration for ASL Classes Open NOW

Jennifer Gordon wrote a status in the Dauphin County ASL Meetup forum informing us she was going to be teaching ASL classes in the Mechanicsburg, PA Area. I asked if I could share her information on the blog because I get so many inquiries by people in that area looking for classes.
My name is Jennifer Gordon. I am an instructor for this class. I have been doing this for the last 3 years now. I have taught ASL level at college level. I have also decided to do more with my home areas since I have been asked by many people about taking up sign language class. In my home area, I am teaching ASL 1 and 2. They both are being taught on Tuesdays night for 7 weeks. My next session of ASL 1 and 2 will be starting up on January 14th. If you are interested, please contact Liz (best to call or e mail her) right away and let her know you are interested in signing up for my class. The more the merrier it will be! I sure look forward to have you in my class in the near future!

Beginner I and II Sign Language Classes
Winter 2014

Mechanicsburg – Tuesday nights starting January 14–February 25
Beginner I   6:00pm-7:30pm   $80
Beginner II  7:30pm-9:00pm  $80

Silver Spring Presbyterian Church, 444 Silver Spring Rd, Mechanicsburg

Classes run for 7 weeks and the cost is $80 for each course for the entire 7 weeks plus the cost of the text book.  “Signing How to Speak with Your Hands” by Elaine Costello. The book is your responsibility and can be found in local bookstores or online.  Books can be used.
Classes are taught by a Deaf instructor
To register fill out the attached form and return along with payment to Liz Marvin
Make checks payable to Liz Marvin and mail to 314 Wendover Way, Lancaster Pa 17603
 lizzymarvin@gmail.com    717-203-0425
Type of work you do:__________________________________
Why do you want to learn sign language:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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